Past Artworks with Notes

This gallery of selected images listed here do not represent all of my past artwork as a whole, but I feel that these artworks from 2001 on show some semblances to my present artistic expression. It also does not show the timing of each artwork since I like to put pieces on this page when they are sold or if they have some merit to past artwork already shown. It was through some residencies [look to my C.V.] that I really began to explore more materials that allow for a bit more expression and a leaning towards a more conceptual view. I can say that I reference my familial and educational influences but I always lead in with the materials with an intuitive and conceptual approach in my process, which gives a varied final composition in each art piece. 

A few of the past artworks below are still available and for sale. 

Please click on the artwork for a description or click on the white dot if you are on your mobile.  Please contact me if you would like to buy an artwork, shipping is an extra charge.