Kim was born and raised in London, Ontario. She has a diploma from the Regional School for Nursing Assistants and worked as a Registered Nursing Assistant before raising three children. She received an Honors Fine Arts Studio Degree with Distinction in 2006 from Western University, formerly The University of Western Ontario. It was with great honour that Kim was chosen in her graduating year for the “Embroiderer’s Guild Award.” The President of the Embroiderer’s Guild said they chose her because of the consistent use of sewing and embroidery in her art throughout her degree. She took instruction from Kim Moodie, Jennie White, Helmut Becker, Patrick Mahon, Colette Urban, Ken Singer and Chris Down. Kim has exhibited her art in juried and non juried group shows in South Western Ontario since 1994. She has volunteered at Museum London; in Art Rental and Sales, with the Art Mart Committee for several years and was a board member of Museum London with a seat for CARFAC for two years. Kim also volunteered at The Arts Project, Axis Studios in the market as well as Forest City Gallery in the past. 

In 2015 Kim received a Post-graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts from Fleming College, at the Haliburton Campus and in the fall of 2015 opened a new studio/gallery called KDW Fine Art in London, Ontario, Canada. As of September 2016 Kim has relocated KDW Fine Art to Benmiller, Ontario, Canada. 

Spotlight on Kim Wilkie
Kim was interviewed on this video, filmed at the Muse Shop + Rental, at Museum London, 2016.

Artist Statement

I have done painting intuitively with string or material for more than a decade, incorporating art historical movements at times and regarding memento towards this concept as it was part of my life, as wells as a reminder of painting’s and string’s patriarchal and subordinate art historical paths. Now, for the past two years, I have used land-fibre as part of my process to get to the roots of string and material’s history through painting “en plain air.” These two ways of working were to make an argument for how things are socially in the art world by revealing its structure as a type of metaphor and how it is … I enjoy these processes and will continue this work at times with the ebb and flow of my art practice …. but now I have decided to take one more avenue - to use the canvas, linen or board to paint in its minimal simplicity. I have always wanted to do this, frankly, since I was four. So now, I can use my years of intuitive painting experience to get to the continuance of painting and what it means to me.

Curriculum Vitae

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Studio Arts with Distinction From Western University, London, ON and a Post Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts from Fleming College in Haliburton, ON.

Selected Exhibitions


Why the @#&! do you paint? at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON The Square Foot Show Juried Exhibition, Westland Gallery, London, ON “Un-Made” Juried Exhibition at the Propeller Art Gallery , Toronto, ON “Unsettling Nature” at the Garage Gallery Benmiller, Benmiller, ON Feature Wall in the Rhino Lounge, Museum London, London,ON


Jac’s House, St. Thomas, ON. In View of the Artist, St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre, St. Thomas, ON. Feature Artist, May & June at the MuseShop, Museum London, London, ON


"Christmas Exhibit" at The Gallery with Panache, At the Talbot Centre, London, ON ”Past Forward" 50th Anniversary for the Visual Arts Department with an Alumni Exhibition, Western University, The artLab, London, ON  "In View of the Artist" Juried Exhibition at The St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre, St. Thomas, ON “Fabrications” 3rd Juried Textile Exhibition, Quest Art & School Gallery, Midland, ON


Elliot Lake "Arts on the Trails" Elliot Lake, ON  September/October 2016, Feature Artist MuseShop, Museum London, London, ON "In View of the Artist" Juried Exhibition at The St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre, St. Thomas, ON The Juried London Artist Studio Tour, London, ON  One London Place Juried Group Exhibition, London, ON “UpwithArt” – The Unity Project, Palace Theatre, London, ON


Square Foot Show Westland Gallery, London ON “UpwithArt” – The Unity Project, Palace Theatre, London, ON


Art Exhibit –Recent Works by Kim Wilkie & Judy Rivera, The Arts Project, London, ON Willliam’s Café & Pub – Wonderland Road, London, ON “UpwithArt” – The Unity Project, Palace Theatre, London, ON “The Height of Thread” – Mesh Boutique, John Street, London, ON Square Foot Show Westland Gallery, London, ON Miniature Exhibition Westland Gallery, London, ON


“Juried Art Exhibition and Sale” Bijan’s School of Art, London, ON “8th Annual Juried Miniature Exhibition and Sale” The Art Exchange, London, ON Annual Square Foot Show , Westland Gallery, London, ON


“7th Annual Juried Miniature Exhibition and Sale” The Art Exchange, London, ON


“Christmas in the Village” The Art Exchange – London, ON Banting & Friends III Juried Exhibition and Sale, London, ON Solo Exhibition: London Public Library, Cherryhill Branch, London, ON


‘Group Exhibition” , Hittite Gallery, 107 Scollard St., Toronto, ON “Art Fusion” London, ON


“Encore” Propeller Gallery, 984 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON Paint Ontario, Juried Exhibition and Sale, Grand Bend, ON


Art Mart, Museum London. London, ON


Art Mart, Museum London. London, ON Art Mart, Peoples Choice Award Museum London. London, ON


“X” Visual Arts Practicum Exhibition, The Art Lab, John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, U.W.O. London, ON Winner of the Embroiderer’s Guild Award Juried Miniature Show and Sale, The Art Exchange, London, ON


Lalalandscapes. Guildhouse Gallery. London, ON Activist Art. One Day Exhibition at the University Community Centre. U.W.O. London, ON


London Un Der Ground. The Work of 19 Painters. The Art Lab. John Labatt Visual Arts Centre. U.W.O. London, ON About Face. A Show of Contemporary Art Work by Morag Webster, Lynda Montgomery & Kim Wilkie, Bliss Studios. Port Franks, ON


Art Mart, Museum London. London, ON Eclectic. Bliss Studios. Port Franks, ON Visual Fringe. Part of the Fourth Annual London Theatre Fringe Festival. The Arts Project London, ON Drawn In. A Space Windows. (Curated by Jamelie Hassan) Toronto, ON Drawn In. Drawings by Artists, from the Mesopotamia/Islamic Galleries of the Royal Ontario Museum. -Forest City Gallery. (Curated by Jamelie Hassan) London, ON Gallery 96 Members Show, Gallery 96 Stratford, ON Art Verses War, Gallery 101, Ottawa ON


Art Mart. Museum London. London, ON Visual Fringe. The Arts Project. London, ON ”phat flat” Mail In Painting Exhibition. The Art Lab. John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, U.W.O. London, ON Face Lift. Art Rental and Sales Gallery Juried Show & Sale. Museum London. London, ON


Art Mart. Museum London. London, ON Open Studio. The Art Lab. John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, U.W.O. London, ON Salon/Rave. The Art Lab. John Labatt Visual Arts Centre. U.W.O. London, ON Visual Fringe. StudioK. London, ON


Store Fronts. Galleria Mall. In Association with the McIntosh Gallery U.W.O. In Conjunctionwith the Ontario Summer Games. London, ON “Rejuvenation” Juried Opening Exhibition. The Arts Project. London, ON


Going Beyond: Printmaking Reconsidered. The McIntosh Gallery. U.W.O. London, ON


Gallery Painting Group 44th Annual Juried Exhibition. The White Gallery. London, ON “Selections” The MacIntosh Gallery. U.W.O. London, ON


The London New Arts Festival Juried Exhibition. Galleria Mall. London, ON


Juried Exhibition for the Opening of the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre. U.W.O. London, ON


Beth Davidson, London, ON John & Nancy Deputter, London ON Jill Price & Geoff Mackenzie, Barrie, ON Colin & Mary Henderson, London, ON Debra Majer, London, ON Gallagher Insurance, 250-400 York St. London, ON

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I belonged to the group of women in London called Lalaland- the article speaks about this group and its members.

The London Free Press, Tuesday, April 29, 2008. A4 Local -“Auction has something for everyone”

Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine - April 2008 Issue

Auction Highlights at the Convention Centre and an Image of my work.

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Catalogues & Online Catalogues

“Why the @#&! do you paint?” - Online Catalogue (online October- 2019)

“Unmade” at the Propeller Gallery - Online Catalogue by Jill Price. Here

“Friends of the Coves”London Ontario, 2003

Drawn In “Drawings by Artists from the Mesopotamian/Islamic Galleries of the R.O.M. Against the War in Iraq,” March 29, 2003.

UpwithArt Unity Project Catalogue  2014, 2015 & 2016

Gala Art Auction- Council on Aging, Inc. St. Clair County, Port Huron, Michigan. U.S.A.  2015



Artscape Gilbraltar Point

443 Lakeshore Avenue, Toronto Island, Toronto, ON

In August 2010, I experienced one week in a wonderful studio space, in an atmosphere of like-minded people, where productivity was the main goal. I would recommend this to anyone looking for solace in his or her art practice.


Spark Box Studio

885 County Road 5, Picton, ON


I was accepted to and had the pleasure of spending a month at Spark Box Studio in Prince Edward County from May 26 to June 22, 2013.  It became a pivotal year for spurring me to explore my chosen materials (Thread/String & Paint). Chrissy and Kyle were very accommodating in talking about both the art process and the business of Art.  I met other artists who added to this wonderful experience.


Teaching Experience

In my fourth years studies at Western University I was a teacher's assistant for a full year with, at that time,  Associate Professor David Poolman. I assisted and helped instruct a first year visual arts class (at the time called 020 Visual Arts)  


Artists Talks

The Canadian Embroiderer's Guild London, ON November 10th,  2016.

Kim's Art can be found at the "Muse Shop" at Museum London, the “Wonky Frog” and the “Queens Bakery” in Blyth and during the months of June, July, August and September at the “Garage Gallery Benmiller”, Ontario.