Welcome to Kim Wilkie's Fine Art Website. Please note that the material paintings need to be seen in person to really appreciate each and every artwork. Enjoy your perusing and if you see an artwork and you would like to see it in person please contact me through my contact page to make an appointment.

Recently Kim has opened the Garage Gallery Benmiller which is a Seasonal Gallery where you can see her art in person and also many other artists of South Western Ontario. Please go to my Events Page for Dates & Times.

Please click on Artwork at the top of the page to see 6 different Galleries on this website. Click on each image for a description or click on the white dot if you are on your mobile.                                       

Please follow me on my facebook page to see updates at KDW Fine Art at the Garage Gallery Benmiller. Please contact me if you are interested in one
of my paintings or would like to message me.