Just Paint

Artist Statement

I have done painting intuitively with string or material for more than a decade, incorporating art historical movements at times and regarding memento towards this concept as it was part of my life, as wells as a reminder of each of their patriarchal and subordinate art historical paths. Now, for the past two years, I have used land-fibre as part of my process to get to the roots of string and material’s history through painting “en plain air.” These two ways of working were to make an argument for how things are socially in the art world by revealing its structure as a type of metaphor and how it is … I enjoy these processes and will continue to do this with the ebb and flow of my art practice …. but now I have decided to take one more avenue - to use the canvas, linen or board to paint in its minimal simplicity. I have always wanted to do this, frankly, since I was four. So now, I can use my years of intuitive painting experience to get to the continuance of painting and what it means to me.

The Following Galleries are abstract in nature but are generalized as non-objective abstract artworks.

Gallery 1

Below is the beginning of some take off or impression art… meaning that I have taken some linen and pressed it against a painting that was in process. Some of the linens are still a work in progress where I will be imprinting them as an on going bases. The first image below is the finished painting that I used to take off the paint for new artworks.

Gallery 2 “Brush Marks”

Here I am using the paint strokes again only bare without stitching…. and exploring what that means.

Gallery 3 -More Paint - Intuitive Paint Marks - (Knots)

Letting my intuition lead me… still a focus on string it seems.

Gallery 4

Here I am using paint skins (I tried this years ago) letting my inhibitions go now. These are repurposed paint skins from jars of mixed left over paint that have dried.

Gallery 5

In the gallery below, I enhance organic marks with other mediums that draw on time past and present in my life. I begin with the mark and draw around it and in transcribing it a familiarity comes to mind - a memory of something recent that I have experienced comes out in the painting and drawing. The thought process is very similar to what I do with the “Plein Air” painting that I do. Click the “Plein Air” to see.

Please click on the artwork for a description or click on the white dot if you are on your mobile.  Please contact me if you would like to buy an artwork, shipping is an extra charge.