Linda Wiebe's Art is at the Garage Gallery - 80602 Benmiller Line- Perfect for a Day Trip

Linda Wiebe, Kim Wilkie, Ruth Maclean and Mona Istrati-Mulhern all are exhibiting their art at the Garage Gallery 11-5pm until this Saturday July 28th (but we may extend the exhibit another week)!  I will post the times on Saturday!!

Past & Present * Before & After * Work In Progress- Repost

In an effort to keep some type of audience - I feel that some people need to see the different aspects of my movement through art over the years. I received this first image above from a friend who had kept this drawing I did when I was around 12 years old - I actually remember doing the drawing... and later I did this oil pastel of my Aunt Pauline and Uncle Bill's Dogs while I was doing my degree at Western. What a difference time makes and my focus on details of each of these artworks. Below I also did my type of Landscape where I loved the close up details of the landscape and made them look like jewels of the earth (which they are) and the image beside it of my first abstracted landscaped structured with cut and ripped canvas adhered to board. This was a different way of working with the usual materials and in the way I worked but still detailed in how I approached my painting or art making.

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In a sense my landscapes are still a jumble of objects in the landscape (the canvas to me) and I am painting each area like I painted each area above in the jewelled painting.  The before and after photos can really show the amount of work and detail that each painting has.... below the last two images show an artwork in progress - please check my website to see the final image which will show up in the Impressionist-Landscape Gallery of this website. I hope you like this throw-back and view of what I have been up to over the years. Kim Wilkie 

New Abstract Paintings from the Land

If you haven't already seen the blog from "Walk the Arts" about my new series of Land Art you can see it Here.  I have had a few opportunities in the past few weeks to do some painting outside. It was when we had that nice warm weather for about a week, but I did retreat to the studio to finish the art works... here is a sample of the ones I did outside and if you would like to see all of them on my website please click Here. 

Work-in-progress.... Recycling & Art By-products - Fibre Paintings

I know that when I did my last blog post, I said wait a bit and there will be a conclusion to the painting that I was working on....Image 1 shows a detail of this artwork below, it is almost finished- I started to stitch on this large canvas which is 5 feet wide by four feet in height, and even though the stitching is spaced it is taking a long time to finish because it is still labour intensive. You can see the stitching started below in Image 2. At the same time, I am also was working on a smaller piece approximately 16 by 20 inches and it too it taking a while to get done.... Image 3.

When I took a break from the embroidery I began to look at my studio and all the things that I save because it is a string or I think that I should be able to use it in another project....  I just don't want to throw anything out...'waste not want not' comes to mind.... because I really believe that recycling is what needs to happen and it is really difficult for me to ignore. I have this idea that I can re-use everything I bring into the studio.... so...  

1                                                 2                                                  3

I started to go through all the storage boxes on my shelves... and the box I put all my cut threads in Image 5 below, and all the rolled up canvases too .... my studio was now a MESS which meant that creativity is in full swing. The rolled up canvases was my first project for recycling, now another work in progress...The first image below shows the quilt of paintings that is now ready to stretch....Image 4.  At this stage in the studio, I am also working on the above artworks.... so now I am working on 3 pieces at once..... this quilt is made up of all the experimental paintings that I did in university.

I feel lucky that I can also recycle the paint water that I rinse my brushes with while painting...  I save the water over the summer in a bucket and put it outside in the old garbage box until the winter. Our floors have in ground heating and the air recycles throughout the house from outside ventilation and then water evaporates when I place the paint water bucket on the studio floor on the edges of my studio.  What is left in the buckets after the evaporation are round acrylic discs in the bottom of the bucket which I wedge out. You can see the result in the 6th image in the background at the right.  I know that I will be saving each of these now - but I do think these are completed artworks/paintings already..... they are quite beautiful. In the foreground of the same image is what may be called a rag rug - but to me a fibre-painting that I started just before the quilt...... It began with all the threads that you see in image 5 below. I also used the cuttings from the quilt I just made; canvas with paint on it, to make the hand wound roping to add to the fibre painting. See Image 7 below to see the progress. I will continue to add to this, so, it too will become a byproduct of my art making. I am now thinking of adding the paint skins from my pallet and other droppings to this fibre painting, as well.

Kim Wilkie 

  4                               5                                 6                               7