"Dear John" Letter - A Love Letter Embroidered

My love letter does start with Dear John, but it is a true love letter to my husband John. The letter took a long time to stitch on paper but I finally finished it and framed it for my husband as a gift for our anniversary. I started it before our anniversary in August but did not finish the letter until just before Christmas. I hope this can in some way amend the memory of the standard letter of a woman terminating a personal relationship with a service man in the past. It is the detail and sentiment of the letter that may help this position but also the beauty of the letter itself stitched with metallic thread. In the past it was an art to send and receive hand written letters, in this letter it actually becomes art in itself because of my stitching and I think that the back of the letter is the best side. The threads are beautifully extended across the paper mixing all the metallic threads into a new type of abstraction. I love String! I love John.