Gainsborough Gallery Open 11-5pm Tuesday to Sunday- Until August 13th,2016 London ON

And my working studio has been completely moved to Benmiller, Ontario.

From one window to another.

In the past year, I have looked out the widow of my studio on Gainsborough Road to where some tennis courts use to be. It was wonderful because trees were growing up on the tarmac and I had the pleasure of seeing these trees in all the seasons. It was enough of nature for me to be glad I made the choice to be in this spot along with the accompaniment of the large window that lights up the whole room right to the back wall. What every artist dreams of.... I sit and look now at the walls of a beautiful exhibit called "Press Play" which includes six wonderful artists from London and Toronto, including me. The first picture above shows the outside window of the gallery which use to house my studio/gallery on Gainsborough Road. The second is one of my conceptual artworks that I installed called "String Theory."  The 3rd picture above shows my new semi organized studio in Benmiller Ontario, only an hour and fifteen minutes away. And the last photo above is a close up of one of the windows to nature just outside my studio in Benmiller! Please come and see the artwork from Jill Price, Leslie Putnam, Elly Pakalnis, Morag Webster, Katherine Haine and myself for the last exhibit here on Gainsborough Road, ....