"PRESS PLAY" A New Exhibit @ KDW Fine Art Studio Gallery

I am cleaning up my Studio Gallery for a New Exhibit this Month called "Press Play"

Opening Night is Friday July 15th, 7:00 to 9:30pm

and the exhibit continues

until Saturday August 13th.                                                                                          Hours of Operation Tuesday to Sunday 11am-5pm

7 Artist's Exhibiting! 

Kim Wilkie, Morag Webster, Jill Price,                     Leslie Putnam, Tamara Moro,                         Katherine Haine & Elly Pakalnis!

If you recall, my studio gallery looked a lot like this at the beginning of September last year....just before I Opened KDW Fine Art Studio Gallery. The third image above is a reflection of a full studio gallery with all my art work just before the "London Studio Tour" this past summer. That was so much Fun! 

Come to Unit 2 - 1131 Gainsborough Road, London, ON, Friday July 15th, @ 7:00pm to 9pm and see how we Press Play!