I began this work a week ago- but I had stretched that canvas before this... I apply the string to canvas and let it dry from 5 to 7 days ... This will be one of my imaginary landscapes... no particular place but from an idea about land. The sting itself this time did some twists and turns when it was wet with acrylic medium. It reminded me of the twisting of thread while spinning thread -- the string actually unravelled a bit and twisted on itself which created these interesting double string wound lines. I really never know what the art landscape will look like in the end but it is a wonderful journey while working on these string artworks. I sometimes stitch on the finished art work and if I think it can stand alone I don't. The progress is a balancing act of colours and in the end it takes quite a while to paint the string that the composition began with.... I will be creating many of these in the future. I love making these Imaginary Landscapes.