Finishing What You Start

I painted the two string paintings, in the first image, along with other paintings that I just posted in the gallery Recent Artwork. These two artworks are labour intensive because the brush marks are to be hand stitched on the inner parts of the string work like image #2 {still not finished} But before I could continue stitching, I needed to take some time to clear my mind. I had an accident in my car recently and felt a pull to self care the results are beautiful in Image #3. Because I have a post graduate certificate in expressive arts, I use this knowledge to take care of myself. I do have a book of sorts that I draw in, just in case I feel that need of self care, but this time I took advantage of materials outside of this book.  In image #3 I used sandpaper stitched to canvas to support and imbed oil pastels. The top image is the first drawing it seems a bit dark, but as I went through the 6 images the colours changed and the images became more geometric and minimal. I do have to admit that most of my drawings in my regular oil pastel book mentioned above is more geometric as well…. a major difference from my regular organic string artworks. I will get back to the stitching and will finish these other paintings but for now I feel much better and expressing myself in these small pieces was a nice break from stitching the other artworks that need to be finished this month.