Started a Polyptych Yesterday: A Four Panel Painting- The Following Photos show the Artwork in Progress

I am still stitching 3 other artworks at this time but needed to change to a new art work that I could readily change. I like to work on several pieces at a time to keep me excited about my artwork and like riding in a car I like the change in scenery. 

Image 1 (top left) - depicts the black paint over an already painted relief material surface. At this point I had started painting the and neon orange on the top of the black paint. 

 Image 2 - I have acutually started to stitch and scrape the black paint between the raised areas of painting burlap with a small exacto knife revealing the paint colour below it.

Image 3 - Here I have added metallic paint to the raised painted burlap.

Image 4 - I have completed the first panel with stitching neon string on the scraped painted areas between the raised painted  burlap. Please note these photos do not show how bright these works really are…. even the bottom is a blue area with metallic dust. These need to be seen in person to be appreciated.