More Fibre-paintings Posted on My Website

Click Any of the Images to See More Fibre-paintings and all the Details, such as Date, Place and the Materials Under the Paint.

What you missed at the First Exhibit at the Garage Gallery Benmiller.

To get the full size of the photograph click the image below of the 'So What...If.' Exhibition.

Extended Days for the Garage Gallery and "So What... If" Group Exhibit!

Our Exhibit at the Garage Gallery will now be extended --- we are still Open every day until Saturday, July 28th - and we will be open from Tuesday July 31st - 11-5pm through to Saturday August 4th 11-5pm *after being closed Sunday July 29th and Monday July 30th /2018.

Please Note! The Garage Gallery is on the second floor of the garage and is only accessible by stairway.


All four Artists Kim Wilkie, Linda Wiebe, Mona Istrati-Mulhern & Ruth MacLeanare also exhibiting at the "Queens Bakery" in Blyth Ontario for the months of July and August.


Linda Wiebe's Art is at the Garage Gallery - 80602 Benmiller Line- Perfect for a Day Trip

Linda Wiebe, Kim Wilkie, Ruth Maclean and Mona Istrati-Mulhern all are exhibiting their art at the Garage Gallery 11-5pm until this Saturday July 28th (but we may extend the exhibit another week)!  I will post the times on Saturday!!

Past & Present * Before & After * Work In Progress- Repost

In an effort to keep some type of audience - I feel that some people need to see the different aspects of my movement through art over the years. I received this first image above from a friend who had kept this drawing I did when I was around 12 years old - I actually remember doing the drawing... and later I did this oil pastel of my Aunt Pauline and Uncle Bill's Dogs while I was doing my degree at Western. What a difference time makes and my focus on details of each of these artworks. Below I also did my type of Landscape where I loved the close up details of the landscape and made them look like jewels of the earth (which they are) and the image beside it of my first abstracted landscaped structured with cut and ripped canvas adhered to board. This was a different way of working with the usual materials and in the way I worked but still detailed in how I approached my painting or art making.

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In a sense my landscapes are still a jumble of objects in the landscape (the canvas to me) and I am painting each area like I painted each area above in the jewelled painting.  The before and after photos can really show the amount of work and detail that each painting has.... below the last two images show an artwork in progress - please check my website to see the final image which will show up in the Impressionist-Landscape Gallery of this website. I hope you like this throw-back and view of what I have been up to over the years. Kim Wilkie